• WiFi: 2.4Ghz (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n), WPA/WPA2
  • Data: Connects to our server every minute
  • Or connect to your own data sources
  • LED Count: 373
  • LED Type: 3528 Surface Mount
  • LED Size: 3.5mm x 2.8mm
  • LED Colour: RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
  • Brightness control: 16 Level
  • 500mA @ 5V
  • Included: Power supply and Cable
Circuit Board
  • Material: 1.6mm FR-4
  • Size: 400mm x 300mm (15.7in x 11.8in)
  • Colour: Green
Main Components
  • Microcontroller: ESP32
  • LED Driver: ICN2038/ICN2012
  • Material: 6mm MDF
  • Laser cut ready to assemble

What's in the Box?

Package Contains
  • Live Tracker
  • Wooden Stand
  • Power Supply and Cable
  • Setup Instructions

Shipping and Warranty

  • Ships to the UK and Europe
  • Tracking code supplied once dispatched
  • Standard 1 Year

Maker Friendly

  • Flash the chip via FTDI Pins
  • Program using Arduino IDE or similar
  • Reprogrammable!

To get your board up and running you will need access to a 2.4Ghz WiFi network. You can find more details on our FAQ Page.

I absolutely love this, it's just beautiful.

Alasdair Allan, Twitter


Wonderful! - Peter Benson

23rd of March 2024 (Review for: tfl5)
I adore my London Underground Large Train Trackr map (includes Lizzie line and new Northern extension). It was a considered purchase, as it’s not inexpensive. I spent a while making my mind up as to should i buy it or not. I did, and I’m glad i did!

I have owned it since summer 2023, and it’s fixed to the wall in my home office, on my “art wall”. Unlike the static art, it lives, it breathes. It has also been a great source of interest and amazement from colleagues during video meetings while home working

I am a train and rail fan. I love the London Underground despite now living a fair way away from it. I once used it regularly and am familiar with it. This item serves no practical purpose, in as much as I don’t use it to journey plan for example!

It is a piece of live art, and I find it fascinating. It constantly updates itself and is amazing to see the start of and end of service, with almost all the led’s extinguished. Equally one day I thought it had failed, then realised there was a tube strike on! I also now use it as an early indication that the home Wi-Fi is down, if the lights are out!

I bought this as a piece of living art, and I absolutely adore it. It looks great, constantly amuses me, and is great fun. I have no regrets at all, it brings me pleasure every single day

Treat yourself, you deserve it!
Mesmerising! - Malcolm

28th of March 2024 (Review for: tfl6)
This is a surprise birthday present. I have been fascinated by my son-in-law's Traintrackr for some time and never expected to be given one. It sits in my living room and is taking my attention away from the TV.

I have loved travelling on the London Tube as long as I can remember. This helps me to envisage what’s happening where. My wife is also fascinated by it and she’s not a transport enthusiast by any means.

Thank you for such a brilliant creation!

Malcolm !

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